Gardening in Wine Barrels

Hello blog followers. Apologies that I haven’t been posting recipes in the last month. It’s been a busy time with end of year work demands balanced with weekends away. There has been lots of  cooking and eating so I will endeavour to update my blog today.

One of the most exciting things to happen recently is the purchase of three half wine barrels from the CERES nursery. We filled them with soil and planted tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and basil. The above photo was taken on the first day of planting. All the Spring heat and rain has caused the plants to grow very quickly and soon we will have salads filled with fresh produce.

In the small vegie patch strip next to the fence, I’ve pulled out thecos lettuce and rainbow chard which had had their day and have planted carrots, more lettuce and beans. The sugar snap peas are almost ready to eat too!

People are always surprised how much food I can grow in my courtyard. It doesn’t take much and I highly recommend gardening in wine barrels. It’s a great way to live sustainably, save money PLUS there is so much satisfaction gained from growing your own food.

To my parents, who have helped me investigate what pests are eating my vegies and how to stop them doing it without using pesticides.


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