15 Stir Fry Sauces

Note: It’s nice to mix things up and not stick to the same old recipes. So over the Summer I’ve been test driving some stir fry sauces posted by Jen ...

what's so good about... probiotics

What’s So Good About… Probiotics?

Note: I used to be an advocate of taking different supplements to support physical health. I had a big jar of pills that I would pop everyday, on the advice ...

Vegematarian in its 5th Year

Vegematarian in its 5th Year

Note: Hello gorgeous people! How have you been? It’s been a while since I last posted on Vegematarian. I took a little hiatus to focus on other things eg. my ...

From the Archives

dairy-free peanut and banana ice cream

Dairy-free Peanut and Banana ‘Ice Cream’

Note: I’ve seen this dairy-free and vegan recipe on quite a few ...
beetroot and hazelnut pate

Beetroot and Hazelnut Pâté

Note: I love this raw recipe. It takes fantastic and is a ...
moroccan pumpkin salad

Moroccan Pumpkin Salad

Note: Salads are so delightful and delicious these days that they are ...

Latest Recipes

“Everything In” Salad with Coconut Lime Dressing

Note: Even though Melbourne is having heatwaves this Summer, I am still struggling to get excited about salads. So today I decided I would start making them with even more reckless abandon. Meet my “Put everything in it” salad which worked a treat with a coconut lime dressing. Salad Ingredients (add measurements to your taste): […]

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Vegan / Vegetarian Fish Sauce

Note: It’s no secret that I love the flavours of different Asian cuisines. Fish sauce has always been a tricky one to navigate in recipes, up until now! Here are two great recipes from theKitchn and the Chubby Vegetarian, each one with its own fantastic flavour. Each recipe makes 2-3 cups and can be used […]

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Walnut Miso Paste

Note: I am a regular visitor to a great website called Just Bento (www.justbento.com). This recipe makes the most delicious Walnut Miso Paste which adds a sweet-savoury and deep nutty flavour to any type of plain steamed or boiled vegetable. I spread the paste over some green beans or you could mix it into spinach […]

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boost me up rice soup

Boost-Me-Up Rice Soup

Note: When my husband or I have a cold virus (or if it’s a cold Winter’s night), we make a simple vegetarian rice soup. It’s the perfect combination of healthy greens, sweet corn, heating ginger, creamy rice and soothing broth. I like to add some wild rice to the mix as well for flavour and […]

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salt and pepper tofu

Salt and Pepper Tofu

Note: Salt and pepper tofu is one of my favourite Summer dishes. I serve it by itself as a main with Lemon Soy Dipping Sauce, part of a salad (pictured) or on Vietnamese vermicelli noodles with vegetables. I prefer using medium/firm tofu but if you use soft tofu make sure the oil is super hot […]

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lemon soy dipping sauce

Lemon Soy Dipping Sauce

Note: I love mixing up my sauces and our lemon tree is often abundant with fruit. So this recipe by Bill Granger from ‘Bill’s Everyday Asian’ is a perfect dipping sauce for Salt and Pepper Tofu, sushi or rice paper rolls. Ingredients: 1 1/2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice 1 1/2 tablespoons of fresh lemon […]

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sauteed red cabbage

Sauteed Red Cabbage

Note: I love the colour of red cabbage but have trouble eating it raw. Sauteing it totally agreed with my tummy and was eaten with gusto around our dinner table as a side dish. If you’re like me and taste as you go, keep in mind the flavour of the vinegar will weaken as the […]

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apple jam

Apple Jam

Note: We have some apple trees that need a bit of TLC after 2 years of neglect. They are producing fruit but it’s quite bitter. So I’ve started making apple jam in honour of our trees. It takes quite a lot of sugar so is a “sometimes” food but is so delicious. You can make […]

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Onion Pan Bread

Gluten-Free Onion and Olive Pan Bread

Note: I was pretty excited to get for free Mark Bittman’s ‘How to Cook Everything’ app on the iPhone as part of Apple’s iTunes anniversary special. It has so many recipes that can easily be changed if needed and also has handy features like add to shopping list! This recipe caught my eye as it […]

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Homemade Rice Crackers 01

Home-made Rice Crackers

Note: I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging on Vegematarian in the past few months. I’ve started a senior role at work, I’ve had friends in hospital and I’ve really needed my down time away from the computer. But it’s nice to be back and part of my inspiration is Plastic Free July. […]

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Gluten-Free Swedish Apple Pie (Appelpaj)

Note: Every year, we celebrate with family and friends the colourful and wonderfully kitsch spectacular that is Eurovision. This year, it was hosted by Sweden so I made a delicious gluten-free Swedish Apple Pie. This ‘appelpaj’ is a bit like a crumble and might possibly be the easiest pie I’ve ever made. I’ve adjusted the […]

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edible flowers

Edible Flowers

Note: Recently, I was spoilt by a delicious lunch made by my friends at the Port Phillip EcoCentre. They cooked up a yummy lentil and pumpkin rice dish and served up an amazing side salad using edible flowers. I’ve always admired edible flowers but have never really thought about growing them in my garden and […]

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marinated tofu on vietnamese coleslaw

Marinated Tofu on Vietnamese Coleslaw

Note: I love combining Vegematarian recipes! Today I cooked up a simple Sunday lunch to eat in front of a movie. My first step was to chop up a Vietnamese Coleslaw. See the recipe here — http://vegematarian.com.au/2010/02/20/vietnamese-coleslaw/. I then pan-fried pieces of firm tofu in my home-made plum sauce. Check out the recipe here — […]

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warm beetroot and dill salad

Warm Beetroot and Dill Salad

Note: As part of my 2013 recipe book challenge, I’ve been enjoying the simplicity of  the recipes ‘Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Cooking with Kids’. This recipe serves approximately 5 hungry mouths as a side dish. Ingredients: 4 medium-to-large beetroots, or 18 small beetroots 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 3 teaspoons of balsamic vinegar […]

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black bean enchiladas

Black Bean Enchiladas

Note: I’ve never cooked with black beans before so thought I’d give them a go instead of cooking my normal kidney bean mix for gluten-free enchiladas. I got my hands on a packet of Black Turtle Beans, making sure I didn’t get mixed up with the black bean (aka black gam or black lentil) that […]

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